Ohio Organic & Natural Products



E.A.T. Food For Life

Kremer Family Farm

Darke County

Hay, Straw, Corn, Spelt

E.A.T. Food For Life Farm

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Holmes Laboratory

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An independent analytical laboratory that tests forages, commodities, grains, water, soils mycotoxins and manure.

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These Farm Are Providing Quality Organic & Naturally Raised Products

C.O.F =

Certified Organic Farm

A.N = All Natural

Meet Criteria  For Certified

But Are Not Certified Organic

N = Natural Farming Methods

But will not meet all Certified Organic Regulations



E.A.T. Food For Life Farm

14360 Mangen Rd, Yorkshire, OH 45388 (Just south of St. Rt 705)



Grass fed meats (beef, buffalo, lamb, goat); Pork, chicken, turkey; Certified organic corn and soybeans for livestock feed; Certified organic seed for rye, spelt, clover; Certified organic cheeses, sourdough spelt bread, pastured eggs, fresh ground rye & spelt flour; Live Blood Cell Analysis; We are a farm store promoting the "Weston A. Price" philosophy and working to legalize raw milk in Ohio!


Winners Meats -

Custom Slaughter & Processing

We also are certified to process Organic Beef, Pork, and Lamb.






Ask The Farm Owner What They Mean When They Call Their Farms All Natural Or Organic & Who Certifies Them To Be Organic.

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